$10 and 10 ways every donated dollar helps at Quest

When you donate to Quest, your money goes right to real things. Below, you’ll see ten things your dollar can help us with. With a a $10 donation, you can help us with every one.


  1. You can help feed the adolescent clients at Quest House wholesome, nutritious food.
  2. You can help put gas in the Quest van so clients can get from Quest House to counseling, recreational activities, community events, and so on.
  3. You can help us buy school supplies so the clients at Quest House can keep current on their academic work.
  4. You can help furnish all the outpatient and residential clients at Quest with recovery related books and materials so they can attain and maintain sobriety.
  5. You can help us pay the mortgage at Quest House so we can have a home for adolescent boys to achieve recovery.  (The ONLY facility of its kind in Washoe County!)
  6. You can help us buy cleaning and paper products so we can maintain Quest House’s home like atmosphere.
  7. You can help pay for gas and electric so Quest House stays lighted and warm for the residents.
  8. You can help purchase gifts for the boys at Quest House for their birthdays and Christmas.
  9. You can help buy plants and seedlings for Quest House’s summer vegetable garden.
  10. Lastly, you can contribute to Quest’s scholarship fund to help those boys who want to attend college or trade school after graduation from high school!

Thanks in advance for your support! Click here to make your donation.

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