Below is an entry from one of Quest counselors (with the permission from Joseph to share)

I have had the utmost pleasure of working with Joseph for the last 2 years. I started working with a shy boy, who didn’t even know what my face looked like or my name for 2-3months, because he was afraid. He is now a college freshman who is leading his engineering group and spending his extra out of class time tutoring others. Joseph is now a socially capable young adult with an infectious sense of humor and kindness. Joseph is the most consistent and dedicated client on my case load. He is an intellectual and philosopher, who inspired and motivated my own will to learn more. He aspires to become a computer engineer and use his skills and knowledge to better the world.

His journey was not easy, however with patience, genuine empathy, and positive regard Joseph has grown in treatment. With the care and support from his family in and out of session, he has opened himself up to others. From a young teen who contemplated his life daily and had some close calls, which he bravely shared with me in session, to a young adult with a willingness to learn and live. His journey was not overnight, it took years. Joseph’s commitment to grow, progress and move forward is infectious. Not to say that there aren’t times that are a struggle for Joseph, however now he knows he is not alone.

— Paulina Gantz, MA, MFT Intern, CADAC Intern, NCC

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