Group Schedule:


Adolescent Group - 5pm to 6pm

Adult Group - 6pm to 7pm

Parent Support Group - 6pm to 7:30pm*


Adolescent Type 1 Diabetes Group - 6pm to 7pm*

Adult Group - 6pm to 7 pm


Adult Group - 1pm to 2pm


Adolescent Group - 4pm to 5pm

Adult Group - 6pm to 7pm


Adult Group - 9am to 10am

*All groups are open to Quest clients with the exception of the Parent Support Group and the Type 1 Diabetes Group.

For information on joining the Parent Support Group, please call Jillian.

For information on joining the Type 1 Diabetes Group, please call Joshua.

Quest provides groups to individuals in the community also, at ATC, Washoe County Juvenile Services, and Washoe County Schools. If you are interested in having Quest facilitate groups with your organization or consult on drug education and awareness, please visit our Partnerships page.

visit this calendar for information about group changes, early closures due to weather, and holidays.