Learn from yesterday.
Live for today.
Hope for tomorrow.
— Albert Einstein

Welcome to Quest House inpatient recovery…

Quest Counseling provides residential services to adolescent males with dual diagnoses in substance use and mental health disorders. We are committed to providing quality client care in an environment that promotes self-discovery and change. We foster an environment of positivity and independence while providing a structured program for our clients.


Our services…

  • Individual and Family counseling, including Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Process and psycho-educational groups

  • EMDR therapy for trauma survivors

  • Counseling services available in English and Spanish

  • Access to psychiatrist and psychologist

  • 12 Step groups

  • Access to Washoe County Schools to reduce interruption of schooling

  • Life skills and Basic Skills Training


weekly activities

  • Attend normal school hours.

  • Attend 2 hours of group daily including Art and Music Therapy, Health and Wellness, Relapse Prevention, Emotional Management, and Grief and Loss.

  • Volunteering in the community.

  • Gym visits and yoga classes through Planet Fitness and Urban Lotus Project

  • Individual and Family counseling.

  • Rotations cooking and cleaning.

  • Development of interpersonal skills, scheduling, financing, prioritizing, etc.


Families are important to recovery

While the adolescent is in treatment, families will be an integral part of the recovery process. Family counseling and other activities will provide families with the opportunity to practice new ways of relating to each other to promote change. Educational groups regarding addiction is also offered to family members.